The beginning of the road

In our early days, we formed Paramount Properties, LLC which was initially founded as a property management company to manage our real estate portfolio as well as associates.


Founded Paramount Custom Landscaping

In early 2002, we had the opportunity to work with a builder who had a program for turn key single family residential rental properties. The affiliation with that builder allowed us to focus solely on our real estate endeavors through the foundation of our landscaping division retiring us from our careers in the engineering field.


Founded Paramount Custom Homes

In late 2002 we formed Paramount Custom Homes to fill the growing demand we had from associates and clients with an interest to have our unique quality not only in their landscaping but in their homes.


50 Homes and Counting

By the end of 2008, we had built over 50 custom homes ranging in price from $250k to $1.7M in some of the top subdivisions in the Boise, Idaho area including, Two Rivers, Rivers End, Arrowhead Canyon, and many more.


Relocated to Portland Metropolitan area

In the middle of 2009, as a family, we relocated to pursue additional business ventures.


Formation of Bspoke Homes

As the real estate world came out of the deepest slump in modern history, we saw an opportunity to begin building and renovating homes once again extending from our early days as a multifaceted company to a highly focused and specialized building company with multistate expansion in the near future.